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I'm excited to announce the name change of our firm from Benjamin W. Wong and Associates to Viewpoint Financial Network, reflecting an evolution that continues to bring you a rich range of specialized financial services with the same boutique service model you have experienced through the years.

Rest assured that I have not “sold the business” or have any plans to retire anytime soon.  I am happy and excited to continue doing what I do, and the name change simply better represents the depth and breadth of the organization today.

Many of you remember when my practice consisted of just myself and an assistant and through the years (34 of them), we have brought on many very qualified associates and exceptional planning professionals.  We have also added many affiliated offices with locations throughout California. These seasoned advisors draw on decades of experience to offer insight and expertise on a variety of disciplines from tax strategies to estate planning and risk management.  Viewpoint Financial Network more accurately represents the organization now, rather than having just my name on the door. Most importantly, all our associates share the same core values of providing holistic financial planning advice and placing the client's needs first. 

I invite you to visit our new website that we are all extremely excited about.  Please explore the new website and get to know the people you speak with and work with in our offices. You can use the website to stay up to date on the services available to you that we continue to expand and improve.

I want to thank you for your continued trust in me and I look forward to years of expanding possibilities as my colleagues and I help you shape your future. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to know more about Viewpoint Financial Network and how it fits into your personal journey.